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SEP training in Poland


Training description: training enabling the execution, supervision and operation of electrical, heat and gas installations, devices and networks. The courses allow you to obtain G1, G2 and G3 permits.

G1 – energetic

The course prepares you for the exam granting licenses for electricians. The SEP G1 category includes E (operation) and D (supervision) courses. The offer should be of interest to specialists in the field of service, assembly and installation of devices, professional electricians and boiler operators. In order to work professionally in the operation and supervision of networks and installations with voltages up to and above 1 kV, as well as in street lighting, traction networks, and electrothermal equipment, you must obtain SEP G1 qualifications. They are also a requirement for specialists dealing with generating devices that belong to the national network and generating sets whose power exceeds 50 kW.

G2 – heating

In this case, training is conducted both for people who want to acquire qualifications and basic competences, as well as for more advanced professionals and those who need to renew their permits by taking the exam again. It is divided into operational heating authorizations (E) and supervision authorizations (D). Devices that generate, process, transmit and consume heat must be provided with professional care in the field of operation, operation, maintenance, assembly, control and measurement works, renovations and repairs.

G 3 – gas

At the basic and advanced levels, we provide training for people involved in the gas industry – both the operation (E) and supervision (D) of gas devices and installations. The exam is a requirement for people who install or service gas equipment.

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