Forklift operator course in Poland

Training description: training in two variants, FULL AND SUPPLEMENTARY

FULL training for people who do not have permission to operate forklifts, consists of a theoretical and practical part, ends with an exam conducted by the UDT commission

SUPPLEMENTARY training preparing for the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) exam for persons who have permission to operate forklifts issued by an authority other than the Office of Technical Inspection consists of a theoretical part.

Why is it worth it?

  • classes in small groups
  • individual approach to the student
  • possibility of conducting training in a place indicated by the client (also on the construction site)
  • Hourly flexibility
  • extensive instructor experience

Do you need a forklift operator course? How much does a forklift course cost?


Do you need the ability to operate a forklift in your new job? Do you want to expand your qualifications? Gain a practical skill? New skills are always useful. You don’t stand still, you develop. Every employer will appreciate this.

Maybe you already have permissions issued by another authority, supplementary training will prepare you to pass the UDT exam. For this you need detailed knowledge of theory. Are you wondering how much a forklift course costs? This investment will certainly pay off.

Forklift training is not only about controlling the machine. The forklift operator course will teach you everything.

The operator, co-workers, the equipment itself and the transported elements are many factors that may influence possible accidents during work. During the forklift operator course I teach:

  • procedures,
  • construction and operation of the mechanism,
  • operating rules,
  • responsible and skillful use of the equipment entrusted to you,
  • rules for determining lifting capacity,
  • mandatory activities that the operator should perform before, during and after work,
  • rules of conduct in the event of an accident,
  • the concept of stability and its skillful use in practice,
  • teamwork,
  • working in specific conditions


You need this knowledge to ensure safety when operating a forklift

The courses take place at the Zwyżka training center in Gliwice.

If you are an employer and want to provide your company with a group of qualified employees, the forklift operator course can be held on your construction site. You just need to have the right equipment to conduct this training. Together we will set a convenient date and time.

Currently, we also offer a hybrid form of training. Lectures with theory and tests after lectures can be held online. We arrange the practical part individually.

Forklift training is really within your reach.

During the forklift operation course, I share my knowledge. UDT forklift training ensures passing the exam.

I am an experienced instructor with many years of experience. Passing on the acquired knowledge and skills is my passion. I approach each student individually. I conduct training in small groups. This makes them run smoothly. You can also be sure that you are gaining the actual knowledge and skills you need. After the UDT forklift training, the exam is just a formality.

Forklift operator training is not black magic. After the course, operating a forklift becomes quite simple.

The forklift driving course is designed to help you pass the exam with ease. We discuss exam questions during the theoretical part of the training. During the exam, you will be confident in your knowledge of its safe operation. The UDT exam itself can be conducted at the Zwyżka training center in Gliwice, or at a designated place, after prior arrangement of the date. The qualifications obtained during forklift training are respected in EU countries.

Sign up for training. Submit the appropriate documents and get started. Before you know it, you will be a forklift operator after completing the course and exam.