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Operator course, operation of mobile platforms in Poland


With us you will get the right to use aerial lifts. We invite you to a course on moving platforms.


Personnel lifts, i.e. movable mobile platforms, are the most frequently used devices along with elevators for all types of work at heights. Indispensable in large halls, warehouses and construction sites. Thanks to them, you can perform assembly work on roofs and facades. Licenses for aerial work platforms are increasingly required from employees, because work using this equipment is performed faster, is easier, and sometimes only possible in this way.

What do you need to know to obtain a license for mobile platforms? A course on basket lifts will clarify your doubts.

Working at heights is always risky, so proper knowledge is required to operate a basket lift. The course will prepare you for safe work and to pass the exam. With a qualification for mobile platforms, you become an employee with additional qualifications.


Our students are trained in small groups. This ensures maximum attention from me as an instructor. The result of an individual approach is much greater knowledge that you will gain from the course. It will make your work as an operator easier. You will pass the UDT exam easily and without stress.

During the course you will learn:

  • What is the division of passenger lifts?
  • What is rated load and how to read it correctly.
  • What is the maximum working reach and height of the platform.
  • What is the working area of the mobile work platform and how to define it so that it is safe for people using the device.
  • How to adjust the speed of raising and lowering a loaded basket.
  • How to use a passenger lift safely, all necessary procedures.

The course and exam are divided into theoretical and practical parts. We work based on exam questions developed by the Office of Technical Inspection. I discuss them and dispel your doubts. Thanks to this, you will be able to easily answer each of the questions asked during the exam. In the practical part, you will learn how to properly operate the equipment entrusted to you.

Price of the course for mobile platforms and the UDT exam for mobile platforms.

We conduct individual and group training. You can provide your employees with additional qualifications. Knowledge ensures safety. We offer courses on mobile platforms at the location indicated by the client. We are flexible and we can jointly determine a convenient date and time for the training.

You can find the schedule of individual training sessions in our calendar. Each aerial work platforms course ends with a UDT exam.

Are you interested in qualifications for mobile platforms? We invite you to the basket lift operator course.

Do you have a construction or assembly company or work as a warehouseman? Improving your qualifications will provide you with new professional opportunities and will significantly facilitate your current work.

I am an instructor with many years of experience as a trainer. By signing up for the basket lift course at Zwyżka Szkolenia, you can be sure that I will provide you with the knowledge not only needed for the exam, but also practical in your everyday work as an operator.

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